The Quest

Traditionally, organizations have valued workplace cultures where emotions are left at the door and the isolation of 'negative feelings' is rewarded.  These environments do not equip employees or mangers with the tools to become more emotionally self sufficient and lead to ineffective teams, poor interpersonal communication, frustration, low moral, and decreased productivity.  

Xapis, derived from the Greek expression for 'grace', seeks to transition organizational cultures that stifle innovation and increase anxiety by dismissing emotion.  Xapis believes in closing the emotional intelligence gap by providing tools and strategies so individuals and teams can perform much needed routine emotional maintenance, reinvigorating innate creativity and happiness in the workplace.      

How we do it:

  • Individual and Executive Coaching

  • Character Mentoring / Soft Skill Development

  • Consulting 

  • Negotiating Boundaries Training

  • Individual and Corporate Spiritual Development